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(Wednesday, April 24, 2024)


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Pass Bill 74
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Pass Bill 74
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Tell MPPs to Pass Bill 74!

The Missing Persons Amendment Act Would Help Vulnerable People

Trigger Warning: It’s hard to talk about, let alone think about, but people with autism disappear sometimes. So do people with other disabilities such as Alzheimer’s. And sometimes they’re not found before something bad happens.

That’s why MPP Monique Taylor  (NDP—Hamilton Mountain) introduced Bill 74, the Missing Persons Amendment Act, 2023. It would enable police to alert the local community that a vulnerable person is missing in their area, in order to get more people helping with the search.

Problem is, the bill has been sitting in committee, with no indication that there’ll be any progress any time soon. So we have to give MPPs a nudge. Send them an eCard that will tell them to pass the bill. It will help.

Advocacy Works!

2024 Ontario Budget Adds $120 Million to the Ontario Autism Program

We have some questions about how it will be spent. Read our news release to learn more. Click to read the release.

Trigger warning:

This is the briefing binder given to Hon Michael Parsa when he took over. The information it contains is shocking:

  • Only 1/3 of children and youth on the waitlist will receive core services
  • The other 2/3 will continue to wait for up to seven years
  • The only way to get the waitlist to move is more money or kids turning 18

If this makes you angry, if it makes you worry about your child’s future, or if you’re sick and tired of all the delays & missed deadlines, join us.

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Here’s the news about autism in Ontario

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