Enough Waiting!

Why Won’t Doug Ford Hurry Up?

Please help us. Kids with autism need access to core services NOW! Doug Ford and his minister promised 8,500 kids would receive core services by fall 2022. Today we learned that only 8,000 are registered, and only a handful are receiving funding. There are 60,411 autistic kids on the waitlist. Ford and his ministers have more than doubled the waitlist while saying that they would clear it. Well, they haven’t. Not even close. We’ve tried talking to them, we’ve tried protests, we’ve tried petitions. None of it has worked, and our kids can’t wait any longer. So we’re turning to you. Please contact your MPP and tell them that #50KIsNotOK. Don’t accept an answer that implies that this government has done a good job—because they haven’t.

The Facts

Ontario Autism Program Waitlist
When Doug Ford was elected: 23,000
Today: 60,411 (MCCSS website)

Children Receiving Therapy
When Doug Ford was elected: Over 10,000
Today: 4,312 (Feb 28, 2022, statement by MCCSS)

The OAC OAP Action Checklist

This is a list of advocacy action items we can all do now in order to be ready for larger group action later this spring!
In this PDF we did some of the work for you: Links will take you to important websites. We include a list of emails for ministry officials so that you can tell them your story and demand change on waitlists, age discrimination, and non-clincians making treatment decisions.
These are actions we can take NOW!
If you want to do more, fill out the form under Join Our List in the menu above.

Download the checklist

Families to Protest Delays to Autism Program

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COVID-19 Autism Support and Resources

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Media Releases

Briefing Notes to Government

Important Letters