Our response to Doug Ford's response about Stacy Kennedy

My heart breaks for Stacey and all families that have autistic children.
Suuuuuure, Doug.

I know my office DID talk to her
Yeah, your staffer said that staying there wouldn’t do any good.

Colin, I want to remind you I’m one of the only premiers in the history of this country that gives out a cell number.
So? Too bad you never pick up.

I talk to the average common folk every single day
We’re far from average. Just sayin.’

Let’s remember When I took office the autism file was an absolute disaster. Like, a complete disaster.
No, actually it wasn’t. It wasn’t perfect, but by no means a disaster. But rather than fix it, you destroyed it. Like, destroyed it. The first thing you did was freeze the waitlist so that kids who were told in August that their turn was next couldn’t get in as of September.

Since then we have doubled the funding for for the autism community
Actually you didn’t. The Financial Accountability Office of the Legislature says you left $174 million unspent. The only thing you doubled was the waitlist, from 23,000 kids to nearly 50,000.

We’re going to continue to help them out.
If it’s more of this kind of “help,” maybe it’s time to let someone else try.

My heart breaks for those folks.
Strange way to show it. We don’t want your pity. We want action.

An Open Letter to Jagmeet Singh—Do Not Ban ABA

Click to download the letter

A few federal NDP candidates are advocating for a ban on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) services. Despite several requests there has been no statement from party leader Jagmeet Singh on whether this is official party policy. OAC president Angela Brandt has written an open leader to Mr. Singh requesting an official response. The letter has been distributed to the media.

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