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May 29, 2024

Ontario Autism Coalition Supports Rally for

Special Education Rights in Peel Region

WHAT: Rally for special education rights in Peel Region
WHEN: on June 1st, 2024, at 10:30am
WHERE: Office of Rudy Cuzzetto, MPP, 120 Lakeshore Road West, Mississauga
WHO: Parents and allies of special education students in the Peel School Board
WHY: To oppose planned cuts to the Full Day Special Education Elementary Communication Program

Mississauga, ON – The Ontario Autism Coalition (OAC) proudly stands in solidarity with advocates and allies rallying for special education rights in Peel Region.

The alarming erosion of special education services affects students across Ontario. The OAC has heard countless stories from parents and caregivers who are struggling to secure the support their children need to thrive in the education system. This rally represents a crucial moment for our community to come together and demand an end to this disastrous trend.

Education is a fundamental right for every child, and it is imperative that we ensure it is accessible to all. For children with autism and other special needs, this means providing the necessary supports and resources to facilitate genuine inclusion. Without adequate support, inclusion is merely a facade of equality that ultimately results in exclusion.

We commend the organizers of this rally for their commitment to fighting for the rights of students with special needs. Their efforts highlight the urgent need for systemic change to ensure that all children, regardless of ability, receive the quality education they deserve.

The OAC urges the community to join this rally and stand with families, educators, and advocates who are championing the cause of special education. Together, we can push back against the diminishing support for special education and work towards an inclusive, supportive, and accessible educational environment for all children.

Education is a right. Inclusion without support is exclusion.


For further information:
Kate Dudley-Logue, Vice President, Ontario Autism Coalition (613) 882-5285

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