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May 30, 2024

Ontario Autism Coalition Mourns the

Tragic Passing of Landyn Tyson Ferris

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that the Ontario Autism Coalition (OAC) mourns the tragic passing of Landyn Tyson Ferris. We extend our deepest condolences to Landyn’s family and friends during this incredibly difficult time. Our entire community is collectively in mourning.

Landyn’s untimely death at school is a devastating loss that highlights a broader issue. Our coalition tirelessly advocated for adequate staffing and funding in Ontario’s special education system. For years, we have raised concerns about the dangers faced by children with special needs in our schools due to insufficient support.

The lack of appropriate staffing and resources in special education programs means that children with autism and other disabilities are often left without the necessary supervision and care they require. This tragic event underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive, needs-based approach to special education funding and staffing in Ontario.

“We are deeply sorry that this has taken place, but sadly, we are not surprised,” said Alina Cameron, President of the Ontario Autism Coalition. “Landyn’s passing is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities of children with special needs. It is a call to action for all of us to ensure that no other family has to endure such a tragedy.”

The OAC remains steadfast in its commitment to advocating for the safety and well-being of all students with special needs. We will continue to push to ensure schools are equipped with the necessary resources to provide safe, supportive, and truly needs-based education for every child.

In honour of Landyn Tyson Ferris, we renew our pledge to fight for a better, truly inclusive education system where every child’s needs are met with compassion and competence. This loss must serve as a catalyst for change, prompting immediate action from policymakers and community partners alike.

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