Angela Brandt


Angela Brandt is the proud mother of a very active teenage son, Misha.  Misha was diagnosed with autism at 19 months of age.  Her son’s diagnosis led Angela on a journey of self-discovery and advocacy.

When she first recognized the symptoms of autism in her son, it was difficult to get a diagnosis; after getting the diagnosis, it was difficult to get treatment and support.  Angela soon realized her son’s quality of life depended on her continued fight for services for him.  Sadly, it seemed the public system was very complex and difficult to navigate.  As a result, she devotes time to assist people in her community to navigate the system.

Angela has an Honours Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from the University of Toronto as well as a post graduate diploma in research.  Her area of focus is applied statistics.  Her son was born while she was working on her PhD.  However, after her son’s diagnosis, she did not return to school.  She’s hoping to complete her PhD one day.  She has worked as a consultant and researcher for various organizations.  Unfortunately, she has had to stop working to provide full time support for her son.  She has stated “I used to be a statistician, but now I’m a statistic”.

Angela hopes her advocacy makes a difference in the lives of families living with autism, not only by directly assisting them, but also inspiring them to advocate as well.