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Under this new mandate from the Ministry of Child and Youth Services, children five-years-old and older who are currently on the IBI waitlist will be removed from the waitlist, many of whom have been waiting for two to four years for IBI therapy.

Similarly, children who are currently receiving IBI and are five-years or older will be required to transition out of IBI regardless of the amount of time they have been receiving IBI, including those who have just begun to receive their funding after years of waiting.

The most drastic change set by the new mandate involves the change in eligibility criteria for IBI: as of April 1, 2016, children five-years and older will no longer be eligible to apply for IBI.  Children who are no longer eligible for IBI will have no alternatives for intensive therapy.

We are working to inform the public of these drastic changes which will affect thousands of children in the province. Your donation will allow us to raise awareness throughout the province regarding the changes in the Ontario Autism Program by purchasing signs, advertising space, billboards and online media.

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