Karen Bojti

Senior Director

Hi! I joined the OAC because I was mystified. When my son was diagnosed and identified as being autistic, I thought that supports would just fall into place. I had no idea that access to services lay in the hands of the political whims of our times. As a Canadian, I thought that we looked after our own people. Today, I understand that every service we have was likely fought for by groups of dedicated people. Everything comes at a cost. The issues that we face are complex and move far past ideology. As a youth I worked for the peace movement and was involved social justice work. I come from a family of activists, teachers, entrepreneurs, and artists. As a young adult I worked in fundraising for NGO’s and as an arts administrator. In my spare time, I performed in devised theatre productions and as an enthusiastic opera singer. My main role is that of mom to my amazing son Charlie. He has been the centre of my advocacy and he is my greatest teacher. My hope is that my small voice will add to the incredible chorus of advocates in the OAC demanding needs-based services and equity for all. We have a long road ahead.