Kate Dudley-Logue

Vice-president — Community Outreach

Kate is the busy mom to two amazing kids, both on the autism spectrum. Now based in Ottawa but originally from Toronto, Kate dedicates her free time to activism. In 2016, her daughter had only started IBI therapy the month before after waiting over 2.5 years, when the provincial government announced that kids over 5 would no longer be eligible. Her daughter was already seeing progress in her speech, regulation and self-help skills, so this was a devastating blow. It was the catalyst for Kate joining the OAC and thousands of parents across the province to advocate against the senseless age cut off. Her activism around the #AutismDoesntEndAt5 campaign gave her the resolve to then fight the gutting of the OAP in 2019.

Kate has volunteered significant time meeting with MPP’s, organizing protests, town halls and other actions, to ensure that all children with ASD can get the therapy and supports they need. Along with fellow Board Member Kerry Monaghan, she runs the local group, ASD Ottawa Unite. HJate works with unions, politicians and other social justice organizations, and advocate for other causes such as education, healthcare and climate change.

Kate is a member of the OAC’s Political Action Committee, OAP Working Group and an Admin on the Coalition’s Facebook group. She views her role on the OAC’s Board of Directors as an opportunity to deepen her advocacy work towards ensuring equity for all Autistics in Ontario.