Marguerite Schabas


Marguerite Schabas is the proud mother of four boys, Thomas, George, Peter and Charlie. Peter was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and Marguerite quickly became his strongest advocate, realizing how complex the public system is to navigate as well as the lack of funding and resources.

Trained in classical music, Marguerite holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Music Performance from McGill University, as well as a graduate diploma in arts administration. She has been working for different music organizations across Canada for 20 years. Her experience in the not-for-profit industry has given her a great understanding of the need to advocate for something you believe in whether it be the mandate or to raise funds and awareness.

Marguerite hopes to make a difference for Peter and everyone with autism in Ontario, ensuring they are given the chance to live life to their full potential, with the supports they need and with dignity and respect.