From Sharon Gabison

Dear Parents,

There are a number of professionals who provide IBI services and share your frustrations and disappointments with the roles of the Regional Autism Programmes. They recognise that there is at present an opportunity to address the scientific, clinical, and ethical problems inherent in the way IbI services are delivered, and would like to do so. We have been approached to ask you if you would ask the professionals who serve your children’s IBI programmes if they are willing to share their concerns with their colleagues. If so, they are invited to contact Dr. Jeff Sherman at or myself.

In addition, we are continuing to accept documentation from parents to substantiate claims regarding violations of ethical code by the College of Psychologists of Ontario and the guidelines by the Behaviour Analysis Certification Board. Violations can include but are not limited to:
• Not using evidence based assessment tools e.g. Clinical Decision Making Guidelines, results of Vineland/ABBLS testing to predict suitability
• Not using evidence or clinically based treatment methods (e.g. “rotation models”)
• Determining ineligibility for services despite a diagnosis of moderate-severe autism including being told that IBI will be harmful for the child or result in increased in challenging behaviours, therefore denying services
• Parents being told that their eligibility is “on hold”
• Discharging/transitioning children without a proper discharge plan (or placement e.g. suggesting school as the placement when it is not in the best interest of the child)
• Recommending transition during a quality assurance audit when the goals of a quality assurance audit are to evaluate the therapists/program, including discharge letters from services
• Not being told about DFO or being bullied into choosing DSO

If you are interested in forwarding any documentation in confidence or having any discussion, please PM me. If you have received any other documentation that speaks to any questionable unethical practices from the regional providers, please feel free to forward to me in strict confidence.

We have also heard from parents that some regional programs are redacting information from files including omitting recommendation letters from your child’s provider recommending continuation of IBI, blacking out portions of reports, and withholding information. Please note if you suspect that the regional provider has been selective in which documents to forward to you, you can call the Ontario Privacy Commissioner at (416) 326-3333 and report this.